Why plastics?

Plastic is a flexible material that can be used in a variety of areas – it is a environmentally friendly alternative as compared to many other materials with similar properties. It is easy to produce, lightweight, and can be manufactured to include many different properties.

Many types of plastics have become irreplaceable in areas such as in the food and pharmaceutical industry as they can be easily sterilized. The excellent insulating properties in plastics is used for example in packaging of electronic equipment. In other words, there are many good reasons why plastic materials are used so widely.

Some areas where our products are used:

  • Films for medical- and food applications
  • Packaging for the manufacturing industry
  • Customized solutions for ultra clean handling of “dry bulk”-products
  • Packaging materials, such as pallet covers, sacks, sheets and foils
  • Shrink film
  • Other customized applications

What is plastic?

Plastic is the common name for a large group of polymer matierials. By mixing polymers with different additives, plastic materials can be varied almost ifinitely – such as  for shrinking, melting, breathing or compostable performance.

Plastic is a young group of materials with a birth at the middle of the last century. Originally charcoal was used as the base for production, but has later been replaced by oil and natural gas. Despite the large amount of plastic used in our modern society, it´s total use only consume 4% of the total production of oil and gas.  A very great portion of all plastic is also recyled for use in new products.

”The word Plastic is originally from the greek Plastikos, which means “shapeable”