The Plastic Tailor of Åsbro

Since our inception in 1969, we have grown into one of the Sweden´s largest producers of plastic flexible film packaging.

Alfapac has remained in Asbro since its inception in 1969. Through the years we have grown into one of the largest producers of plastic flexible film packaging in Sweden. Our employees provide solutions for local and international clients in a variety of industries.

Briefly about us

  • Family owned business
  • Nearly 50 years of experience
  • 14 Extrusion lines
  • 45-3200 mm film width
  • Environmentally efficient production with integrated recycling of waste materials
  • Member of ICCC – International Christian Chamber of Commerce
  • Certified according to ISO 9001

Our history

Alfapac was founded in 1969 by Mr. Anders Widarsson from Askersund. At the time, the plastics industry in Sweden was young and underdeveloped. The first mission was to provide a pallet cover.  Anders made this first prototype at home in his kitchen and heat sealed the edges of the pallet cover using a hot iron.

In 1979 Alfapac was acquired by J. Gunnar Olson, an entrepreneur who previously had run industrial enterprises both in Örebro and Stockholm. In connection with the acquisition, he sold his other businesses to focus entirely on Alfapac. The company is still owned by the Olson family.

An important milestone in Alfapacs development was the so-called silage bag. It was launched in the early 80s along with Lantmännen in Sweden. Today, there are similar products used worldwide.

En viktig milstolpe i Alfapacs verksamhet var den så kallade ensilagesäcken. Den lanserades i början av 80-talet tillsammans med Lantmännen i Sverige. Idag finns liknande produkter över hela världen.